jueves, 15 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #19

Can Ms. Marvel survive the Holidays?

Kamala's family is preparing to celebrate with a dinner but things are about to get complicated once that the organization that Kamala has been fighting all this time gains even more power.

Yeaaaaah, things are getting a bit too blunt for my taste.

G. Willow Wilson delivers a new chapter where she focuses on Kamala celebrating the festivities with her family. The early scenes are really charming since they demonstrate how empathetic Kamala can be even with animals that are fated to be eaten while delivering solid humour and interactions between the cast. The fact that this story has been building-up for a while makes you appreciate the plannification as well.

ON THE OTHER HAND, the social commentary is too heavy-handed to ignore. Willow is using this as an opportunity to parody the current political situation that occurs in North America and is unfortunately full of buzzwords and phrases that I'm already tired of whenever I go to Twitter. Yes writers, we all hate Donald Trump and Co. but can we please start ignoring him and tell different stories?

Marco Failla's artwork is really good and appropriate for the book, it follows the style that Adrian Alphona created for the book due to its expressive characters and strong storytelling.

Half enjoyable, half in your face. Mixed thoughts overall.

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