miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Superwoman #11

Superwoman's problems continue to increase.

Zeke has been kidnapped by a mysterious being and now is up to Lana to save him but her new powers might get in the way.

Once again, decent enough issue.

Kate Perkins delivers a new chapter where she continues to explore quite a few members of the cast. Lana gets the usual spotlight which showcases how her new status quo affects her abilities while her portrayal continues to be on-point. Although the plot doesn't progress much to be honest and the cliffhanger wasn't particularly exciting.

If there's a highlight though, is the segments where Maggie Sawyer and the Atomic Skull appear. Perkins is trying to give both characters more depth and importance and their interactions are just as compelling. Hope to see more of them.

Jose Luis is in charge of the pencils and his work is pretty solid with detailed character expressions and environments.

Again, nice read overall. Hope the next one offers more plot though.

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