miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Hawkeye #7

Hawkeye's past always come back for her.

Kate can't help but remember her good times with her mother just when it appears that she's being called into a trap related to her.

The good aspects of this book constantly shine during this issue.

Kelly Thompson offers a new chapter where she starts exploring some of Kate's past, particularly her complicated relationship with her father. As you may already know, I loved when Jeff Lemire did such thing during his run in All-New Hawkeye and Thompson does a pretty good job at following such style by showing many emotional moments between Kate and her mother while creating a mystery about what happened to her.

Once again, the best part of this book is the dialogue, every line is pretty natural, enjoyable and funny without feeling overly-forced (which is something I sadly can't say from Kate's best friend book). Kate's voice continues to be perfect and the story escalates nicely towards the surprising last page.

Leonardo Romero handles the artwork and is pretty strong with a great sense of storytelling and character expressions.

Quite enjoyable read, hope the next one is just as entertaining.

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