miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #24

Wonder Woman has more enemies than ever.

Diana has been forced to abandon her people and Barbara was forced to accept her curse but not without chasing the culprit of it.

Well, some things worked, others didn't as usual.

Greg Rucka is starting to finish all the plot-points he created during his run and to be honest, I feel that the slow pacing has affected this book more than I initially expected. I have no problems with how Cale's development has been handled since it made her character more complex than ever, certainly more complex than during Rucka's first run, and it gave her an interesting motivation and importance for the book.

That being said, I feel like Cheetah's development, which should be more important, was really badly done. Here Cheetah is simply forced to accept her condition and turn into a villain and the fact that this occurred during several issues don't help matters since this still feels like it came abruptly and the constant fluctuation between her personalities wasn't naturally depicted. It also delivers a pretty poor antagonist as well.

Bilquis Evely's artwork is gorgeous with beautiful and expressive character models along with powerful storytelling.

Aside from that, not sure about this one and I'm glad we're close to the end.

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