miércoles, 21 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Trinity #10

The Trinity will have to save the whole Justice League.

The alien creatures that have been contained all this time have been free and possessing all the members of the team but there might be a secret behind their actions.

This story continues and does it adequately at least.

Francis Manapul delivers a new chapter where he continues to put Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in the frontline. The characterization is pretty solid due that the writer gives all of them pretty significant roles that are pretty appropriate for their personalities and abilities and as usual, is cool that Manapul is handling Barry again and also gives him interesting moments which show how much he cares for the character.

That being said, the plot doesn't particularly progress and at times the dialogue can be a bit too blunt with characters, especially Barry in once scene, saying more than they should.

Manapul's art is stunning though, full of beautiful characters and creativity during the panel layouts.

Decent but not impressive, let's see how the arc ends.

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