miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #20

What is the next step for Deathstroke?

Slade has decided to renounce of his old ways and find a higher meaning to his life but soon he might find that his new direction might be too similar to his last one.

While the ending of The Lazarus Contract left a bad taste, I think Christopher Priest is creating an interesting direction here.

All the different characters from Slade's life are present here, including all the people he has hurt over the course of the story, especially those in fact. The development of all these people is real considering recent events and is pretty satisfying how all of them are reacting in a quite logical manner.

Not only that but Priest uses this issue to touch a few of his classic themes like family, sexuality and more interesting here, religion. The new take on Tanya is something promising although it might be a bit too on the nose for my taste concerning her beliefs, that being said, it seems like something that will play with the nature of the book along with Slade's plans.

Carlo Pagulayan handles the artwork and is beautiful with gorgeous characters and great storytelling all around.

Strong chapter, hope the next one fulfills the potential.

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