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Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #25

What is in Wonder Woman's future?

Diana can't help but remember all the things that have happened recently and even if she tries to solve her problems, she will realize that there are no solutions for some of them.

This is an... appropriate ending in some aspects but once again, really underwhelming in others.

Greg Rucka concludes his run on Wonder Woman by delivering a final chapter where he tries to bring closure to a few plot-points but doesn't do it particularly well. The story itself is fine with Diana finally realizing her true nature and how the journey has come in full circle but once that you start thinking about it, you realize that anything barely changed since the change in history didn't really alter who she is as a person and her involvement with the rest of the world remains intact as well (which makes me wonder what was the reason behind retconning Brian Azzarello's run aside from pure spite).

This installment makes the previous appearance of both Superman and Batman in the previous Annual much more logical due that their participation in this issue but it also shows how poorly-planned it was as a whole since they could have been added many issues ago to show a better development. A pretty common example of how everything wasn't as well-executed as it could have been.

There's no better example about that than the treatment of Cheetah here. She doesn't even make an appearance, she's just mentioned and Diana fails to make contact with her or even trying to help her which doesn't portray none of them in a good light. Better luck for the next writers I guess.

Good points? The relationship between Diana and Steve was decent I guess.

Liam Sharp and Bilquis Evely handle the artwork and they do a solid job during their respective segments, particularly Evely whose characters are quite expressive and beautiful.

Maybe "appropriate" is not the best word, underwhelming certainly is though. Same thoughts about the whole run.

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