miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #959

Batman will need extra help to deal with his new enemies.

Zatanna has just appeared to remind Bruce what he needs to do. However, the rest of his team will have to deal with their own problems, especially Azrael.

Thought this worked decently once again.

James Tynion IV offers a new chapter where he explores more of the relationship between Bruce and Zatanna. It seems like Tynion is basing this interaction on their appearances during the DCAU and is effective in that regard with the classic history of Bruce learning from Zatara and also having a bit of a relationship with Zatanna. The characterization is appropriate at the very least.

The rest of the cast also get some solid moments. The relationship between Cass and Clayface continues to grow while the others show some competent scenes that progress the plot at a nice pace.

Alvaro Martinez is in charge of art duties and he might be the reason why I liked this one. His style is beautiful, full of gorgeous characters and creative panels. Great work without a doubt.

Not a bad issue, let's see how things progress.

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