miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Supergirl: Being Super #4

Supergirl will have to face her own race.

Tan-On has revealed his true colours and is up to Kara to stop him once for all but this might be just the beginning for her.

This miniseries has come to a conclusion and is a solid one thankfully.

Mariko Tamaki brings the final chapter of this story and it makes me realize that this should have been release as Supergirl: Earth One since is the kind of modern reimagination that is perfect for that line. The character work is once again pretty solid with Kara realizing the true potential of her abilities and bringing closure to some developments for her and her best friend. It really presents a new beginning for her and makes me suspect that a sequel is most likely in the works.

Strangely enough, the superheroic aspect of the book is the weakest part, is not that is bad, is just unimpressive with a pretty predictable encounter between hero and villain (and the latter is a pretty tiring trope at this point). Other than that, not much to complaint about.

Joelle Jones delivers yet another satisfying work in art duties thanks to her expressive character models and clear storytelling.

Good conclusion, wonder how are they going to follow this one?

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