miércoles, 25 de abril de 2018

Some thoughts about The Silencer #4

The Silencer's past will come back to hunt her literally.

Honor can't help but remember her last mission for Leviathan and her encounter with Deathstroke which can't only lead to terribly things for her future.

Boy, this quickly become much better due to a really important factor.

Dan Abnett continues his story about Honor trying to hide her old life from her family but this time takes into a more promising direction. The contrast between Honor's past and present has always been relevant here but now is much more emphasized due to the dilemma in which Talia Al Ghul puts her and the suspicion that Talia might not be really sincere about letting Honor go. This is powerfully depicted in an scene where another member of Leviathan suffers a pretty similar fate.

The fight against Deathstroke is well-handled since it pays respect to both characters without making any of them unnecessarily overpowered and this of course, creates a good set-up for what's about to come and hopefully something that will make the universe of the protagonist bigger.

I've mentioned the important factor that makes this issue so much better and that is called Viktor Bogdanovic. I've praised his work several times in the past and with good reason since he brings a new level of storytelling and style that makes the cript much, MUCH better. Even the content seems like an improvement due to the amount of detail he's able to include in every panel, is a great mix between writing and art.

This book is going for a good path now and I hope it continues this way.

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