miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #958

Are the heroes from Gotham ready for a new fight?

Bruce and the rest of his team are able to focus on other things besides crime fight for once but this won't last once that somebody from Azrael's past come for them.

Hey, this one wasn't actually bad.

James Tynion IV delivers a new chapter where he sets-up the plot to concentrate on yet another member of the cast, this time Azrael apparently. Fortunately, this time the characterization is more appropriate since the writer explores more of Jean Paul's past and how that made him become who he is along with what is about to come. The rest of the cast also receive decent scenes.

Plus, there are some interesting and fun cameos as well including the always appreciated Killer Moth one (along with the usual disrespect that his appearance deserves) and even the appearance of an obscure Stan Lee parody like Funky Flashman. Everything is connected into the story that builds-up nicely enough towards the end.

Alvaro Martinez handles the artwork and is pretty solid with beautiful characters and a creative storytelling skill.

A few issues like overwritten and blunt dialogue but aside from that, this was serviceable I believe.

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