viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

Recommendations from the week June 21st 2017

In the following order:
  1. Aquaman #25: Most beautiful issue of the week.
  2. Super Sons #5: Still pretty fun.
  3. Batman #25: FINALLY a good issue.
  4. All-Star Batman #11: Shame this is about to end.
  5. Superman #25: Solid conclusion.
  6. Nightwing #23: Another solid entry.
  7. Harley Quinn #22: Improvement.
  8. The Wild Storm #5: Still slow but satisfying.
  9. Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil #1: Can't believe that Bedard wrote this fun thing.
  10. Trinity #10: Decent but nothing more than that.
No recommendations for Batwoman because it was boring nor Lobo/Road Runner because it was flawed nor Green Arrow because it infuriates me.

Quite good week though.

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