jueves, 15 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #21

The virus is about to kill Wolverine.

Laura and Gabby are trying to save the world from the whole infection by putting their own lives at risk but to achieve their mission they will need even more help.

Once again, this worked quite nicely.

Tom Taylor continues his story about the alien virus that is killing people around the world and he finds a quite creative fight to destroy it. Making Laura's healing abilities to help others makes a lot of sense and gives a pretty interesting twist to what she usually does, or what any character related to Wolverine usually does.

Speaking of which, lots of characters related to Wolverine make a cameo here including Old Man Logan, Deadpool and Daken (who I didn't know that came back to life). All of them demonstrate likable personalities while the writer manages to give closure to the last fight between Laura and Old Man Logan, Deadpool also proves to be quite enjoyable and her interactions with Gabby becomes quite entertaining, this makes me realize that Taylor could write a pretty good Deadpool series.

Leonard Kirk continues on art duties and while his work can still look rough at times, it actually fits the story due to how the virus works on people.

Quite good read, excited for the next one now.

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