miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #6

Captain Atom will have to fight for his loved ones once again.

Nate is trying to save his son from Ultramax who is ready to destroy everything to get even with him and even if Nate is able to stop him, this might be just the beginning.

Well, this miniseries has just concluded and to be honest, it doesn't feel bad but is not the best thing either.

Cary Bates and Greg Weisman deliver their final chapter by focusing on the battle between Nate and Ultramax and how that affect the rest of the people involved in it. The characterization is solid since the writers understand the kind of person that Nate based on how he always becomes the selfless hero who is ready to sacrifice himself to save others and the issue does a decent job at planting the seeds for future stories.

That being said, I feel like this miniseries mostly served to create a new status quo for Captain Atom. It delivers a lot of new sub-plots including Nate's son, Eiling and Megala's plans and Nate's new life but aside from that it doesn't focus too much on creating an actual interesting story and finale. Is pure set-up to be honest and the villain is not interesting enough to be invested in the conclusion.

Will Conrad's artwork though, was beautiful. Really expressive characters along with detailed environments and action scenes.

Was hoping for more to be frank, hope the future is better.

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