miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #24

Is Seattle going to become Star City?

Oliver has finally confronted the culprit of all the disasters in his life and he will have to defeat him to save his loved ones but even then, things are far from over.

You know, this gives me a lot of mixed thoughts.

For one, there are things that I actually like about this story. Ben Percy does a decent enough job at explore Oliver's ancestors which is something that Jeff Lemire did during his run and something that I always find appealing. The expansion of some concepts show potential and makes me invested in what the future could bring.

ON THE OTHER HAND, Percy's execution still can be a problem. Particularly the hamfisted way how he uses politics including a initial segment where Ollie basically threatens some rich people to give money to the poor (Because as usual "Rich = Bad") and there are several ways to implement this theme in a much better way instead of making Ollie into a big bully. Plus, the Trump analogues are still way too blunt for my taste.

And the pacing can still be problematic since we're not even over with this storyline and we're already passing to the next one without having barely any chance to breath.

Juan Ferreyra's artwork is pretty good though with a great sense of style and storytelling.

Not bad but there are still quite a few things that piss me off.

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