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Some thoughts about Green Arrow #25

Seattle is dead.

Being reborn as Star City, Seattle has become a place where the rich can have everything and the poor get the leftovers. Now, Oliver will have to find a way to clean his name and save his home.

I swear to God that Ben Percy is trying to retcon everything good that happened before, particularly Jeff Lemire's run.

Let's focus on some of the most obvious problems first. The pacing has become even more problematic than before. The fact that there's no proper transitions between stories makes the whole flow of the run really frenetic and very hard to follow by introducing plot-points that basically go nowhere ("Henry is dead? Oh wait, he isn't") and characterization that quite frankly makes me scratch my head. At this point any justification that Percy gives to Diggle for betraying Oliver is going to sound unbelievable and Henry continues to be pretty stupid by working for a man who has been trying to kill them everytime.

The themes don't work as well as Percy wants to (Then again, they never do). The idea of making Seattle/Star City into a place where both the rich and the poor have to coexist at the same time without a middle ground is pretty logical BUT is executed in such an over-the-top way that is hard to take seriously since is something that should be implemented in a realistic way. Not to mention that changing the names of Seattle to Star City is something that is made in a quite easy and unrealistic manner, I'm still wondering about the logic behind it.

HOWEVER, the worst part is that once again, Percy is retconning Lemire's run by revealing that Moira Queen is actually alive when Oliver saw her die during Lemire's stellar story. This is not only borderline cartoony at this point but Percy has proven EVERY. FRIKKING. TIME. that he can't write better than what happened before and so ignoring one of the best plot-points from one of the best runs in the history of the character is just worthless. Oh, and she's also evil now apparently which is only adding insult to the injury.

Good things? Enough content I guess? Oh, and Kate Spencer/Manhunter makes a cameo but aside from that, nothing.

Well, Otto Schmidt's artwork never fails but I wish that he was working on a better book with actual natural pacing and good craft.

What else can I say? Still one of my most hated eras of the character.

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