miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #8

What is the secret of Monster Valley?

The Justice League has arrived into a strange land where they're going to save a man named Makson but there's a darker secret behind the whole situation.

A new storyline opens and is not bad once again.

Steve Orlando delivers a new chapter where he focuses on a completly new character named Makson and the mystery behind him. The character work is solid, particularly the interactions between the members of the team which can be pretty natural thanks to appropriate dialogue that reveals their personalities clearly. Although it can be odd at times like when Ryan starts talking to himself.

The plot itself is solid but a bit predictable due that it concentrates on a single character and despite of how things were not revealed at first, it was still pretty obvious where things were going.

Felipe Watanabe is in charge of the art and is decent with adequate character models and storytelling but it makes me miss Ivan Reis.

Again, better than the last few issues yet not perfect, let's see how the next one fares.

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