miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #9

The Justice League will have to demonstrate their own humanity.

Makson has revealed his true plans and the team will be forced to stop him no matter what since they realize there are better ways to solve this.

Still not working sadly.

Steve Orlando handles the conclusion of this little storyarc by delivering decent character work but in a pretty predictable way. The manner how the JL handles Makson is pretty logical but ultimately derivative since I'm sure I've read this kind of argument several times before in other superhero comics, particularly Batman-oriented ones. Makson is not necessarily a bad character but doesn't present anything really unique about him to be interested.

The story also progresses expectedly, in a big fight where both sides start throwing their points to one another and the true villains get what they deserve. There's a bit of social commentary here I guess but is nothing out of the ordinary.

Felipe Watanabe handles the artwork and is competent, and at times solid but is still not one of my favorites styles and I think the colorist got some details wrong like Batman's eyes.

Not bad, not great, still mediocre.

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  1. It's just mindboggling and infuriating that a series with so many interesting characters, concepts and possibilities could be done in such an inept, half-assed way! It's like Orlando has the reverse Midas touch where everything he lays his hands on turns into mediocre/below mediocre crap.

    1. Orlando wrote a pretty solid Midnighter run though. Shame the same didn't happen here.