miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about New Superman #12

Is the New Superman ready to face an even newer version?

Kenan is trying to stop Superman Zero from causing destruction but soon he will realize that both have more in common than he expected.

New installment and the series continues to improve.

Gene Luen Yang delivers another chapter where he continues the ongoing story while delivering strong character work and worldbuilding. I'm particularly a fan of the mythos that Yang is creating here, they're not only centered on Kenan's abilities but they also focus on the origins on some of the characters like Wonder Woman which makes this world even richer.

Plus, the development for the whole team continues to progress at a nice pace by showing more aspects of their personalities and how they interact with another. The plot even includes some solid twists towards the end.

Billy Tan handles the artwork and although I wish Viktor Bogdanobic was still drawing the series, Tan does a decent enough job with expressive characters and clear storytelling.

Good stuff, happy that I'm keeping this one.

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