jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Aquaman #24

Atlantis has abandoned Aquaman once again.

A new King has been chosen and Arthur has been accussed of being a traitor now and he will receive the appropriate punishment for that.

Mostly set-up but I think it worked nicely.

Dan Abnett concludes this little storyarc and plant the seeds for the upcoming one with a new more violent King usurping Arthur's place. The characterization is once again pretty solid due that the writer manages to make Arthur a pretty understandable protagonist while his relationship with Mera continues to shine over their whole misfortune, all of it leads to the cliffhanger that will open the new arc.

Plus, the new King Corum Rath is so obviously Donald Trump. I know that I said I was kinda tired of Trump parodies since everyone and their moms are doing it right now but considering the usual xenophobic and crazy nature that Atlantis always had, this kind of portrayal is fitting.

Scott Eaton and Philippe Briones share art duties and their work is pretty decent with good character expressions and solid storytelling.

Good stuff but the best things are about to come once that Sejic joins the creative team.

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