miércoles, 21 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Super Sons #5

The Super Sons are getting into their first fight.

After being ground due to their last adventure, both Damian and Jon are angry with each other and their parents will have to remind them what it means to be partners.

This book refuses to disappoint.

Peter Tomasi offers an one-done-chapter focusing on the ramifications of the last one in terms of pure character. The portrayals continue to shine due that the writer understands both protagonists perfectly and their relationships with their respective parents while also hinting at stories that happen in other books like Superman.

The dynamic between both Damian and Jon continues shine due to how their personalities contrast with one another and it gets even better once that other characters get into the mix like Alfred, Bruce and Clark. Tomasi particularly makes a quite funny interaction between Bruce and Clark when they get in a classic argument.

Alisson Borges handles the artwork and while she's not Jorge Jimenez, she still does a decent job at following the style of the book with expressive characters and kinetic tone.

Good read, another winner here.

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