miércoles, 21 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Aquaman #25

Atlantis is in danger.

The civilization has chosen a new King much more xenophobic than any of his predecessors and there's barely any hope. However, the spirit of the old King might return one way or another.

Well, this is certainly a pretty promising beginning.

Dan Abnett opens a new storyline in the best way possible by redefining the status quo. Atlantis is under the rule of Corum Rath and they have banished Arthur from their realm. Mind you, the premise has been used several times in the past already but the way how is implemented here is still well-executed. Corum Rath has clear parallels to Donald Trump and while I'm tired of that particular satire in other books, it makes much more sense here since Atlantis has always been xenophobic in almost every incarnation and so having a paranoic and racist leader is quite logical.

The way how the return of Arthur is executed is also really solid since Abnett brings back the "Orin" identity that hasn't been used since the early 2000's and makes it fit in the current continuity while developing a more mysterious aspect to Aquaman's return and even reintroducing classic characters like Dolphin.

There's of course, Stjepan Sejic as well. Sejic's artwork is one of the biggest reasons why this story is so successful. Finally the title has a great penciller who is able to elevate the script even more with a great sense of style and beauty that makes every page something special.

Really excited for this arc now. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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