miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Some thoughts about Batgirl #12

Batgirl will have to solve a supernatural case for once.

A strange entity is scaring everyone around the pool and is up to Barbara to figure out what's going on despite of her skepticism.

Well, this one wasn't bad at least.

Hope Larson brings an one-and-done story where she focuses on a case where Barbara has to deal with a situation she's not used to, the appearance of ghosts. The premise in and of itself is sound but the execution is not particularly great, Babs is portrayed as a skeptic which is kinda fitting but at the same time doesn't make much sense considering all the things she has faced before and the world she lives on.

Still, the mystery has enough interesting points although I believe that is solved in a rather quick and simplistic way which makes the whole issue feel like is light in content.

Eleonora Carlini handles the artwork and she's the best part here due to her beautiful and expressive style that creates a pretty interesting story.

Again, not bad but that doesn't make it good either, just average.

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