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Some thoughts about Hawkeye #5

Hawkeye will need the help of one of the best P.I.s around.

Jessica Jones has just arrived to help Kate with her new case but things might be more complicated than any of them were expecting.

Really liked this aside from a few problems.

For one, the story that Kelly Thompson is creating continues to be fun which is pretty evident during the team-up between Kate and Jessica. Their interaction is really enjoyable since Kate is acting like this little apprentice to Jessica and their personalities contrast nicely. Once again, I do love the voice that Thompson gives to Kate, it just sounds right.

That being said, I don't like the voice she gives to Jessica and this is a common problem I have since her Netflix show started. This overly "cool" portrayal that appeared in the show and has suddenly turned into her depiction in comics has become ironically annoying.This also happened in Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat. For people who are not familiar with her first Alias series, Jessica was pretty much an "everywoman", she wasn't neither too cool nor too dorky (okay, she was a bit dorky but that was part of her charm) so seeing this new characterization seems wrong to me.

I had a bit of hope when I saw the cover and thought the interaction would be a little different but nope! Kate is immediately glorifying Jessica to the point that is unrealistic.

Leonardo Romero remains in art duties and his work is still perfect for the book thanks to his cartoony and detailed style.

Enjoyable, I just wish this wouldn't have become Jessica's dominant characterization.

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