miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Super Sons #3

The Super Sons will have to fight for their lives.

Kid Amazo has shown what he's able to do and both Damian and Jon will have to learn to work together if they want to defeat him.

Incredibly entertaining experience.

Peter Tomasi delivers a new chapter where he continues the ongoing story about Kid Amazo and how is connected to previous events. I like the sense of continuity by making this related to the Justice League storyline The Amazo Virus which seemed mostly forgotten and Tomasi makes a really dark twist to the concept of the superfamily like The Incredibles to create a sick version of them.

Plus, Tomasi simply knows how to write kids. This is quite obvious both in Superman and here. The relationship between Jon and Damian is really entertaining with one being a quite normal kid and the other a smug brat but they still understand each other really well.

Jorge Jimenez brings one of his strongest works in art duties thanks to his vibrant and expressive style that is perfect at depicting young characters.

Quite good read, one of the best this week once again.

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