miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Trinity #8

The Trinity will have to fight against an infinite of possibilities.

Superman is having visions of his previous life and is up to Batman and Wonder Woman to help him despite that they don't know the way to do it.

This is clearly connected to the events of Superman Reborn but fortunately, it plays with a different theme.

For one, Cullen Bunn doesn't make the New 52 Superman quite accept his fate which is demonstrated during the battle between the two Supermen which is a pretty appropriate portrayal. In many instances we have seen how easily the previous incarnation accepts that he needed to disappear to leave enough space for the more classic one to exist so is a nice change of pace to make him react like a normal person and actually questioning it.

Mind you, this might be just hallucinations but they're still depicted in a solid manner and they're connected to the usual themes of Rebirth while also playing with the idea of multiple Batmen and Wonder Women as well. Although is still unclear how all of this is connected to the previous issue.

Emanuela Luppachino handles the artwork and is once again gorgeous with a pretty vibrant style and clear storytelling.

Enjoyable overall, surprised by this little run so far.

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