miércoles, 5 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #16

Deathstroke will have to fight for others this time.

Power Girl has been helped Slade all this time but now that his target is starting to threaten her, he will need a different cause to face him.

So far, so solid.

Christopher Priest continues his story by developing the multiple plot-points and characters in it. The major focus goes to Slade obviously who still has to deal with the fact that he's blind now with is still presented as an interesting challenge for him, particularly when he has to fight with one of his new enemies. Not to mention that the issue presents an interesting moment that shows that he might not be a complete monster.

Plus, both Rose and Jericho are still dealing with their own problems and each segment also presents their own surprises.

Larry Hama handles the breakdowns with Carlo Pagulayan and Roberto J. Viacava finish the job and the overall result is pretty solid with really intense fight scenes and detailed characters.

Enjoyable but I'm ready for a different kind of story now.

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