jueves, 13 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Supergirl #8

Supergirl will have to reconnect with one of her loved ones.

Clark has finally met Kara once again and they're ready to learn more about their own lives. However, Kara will soon realize that there's no rest in her job.

Hey, this was yet another enjoyable issue.

I'm glad that Steve Orlando is realizing that the previous storyline went for too long and now is focusing on one-and-done storylines to make up for it. This one is about the relationship between Kara and Clark which is pretty different from the one depicted since the New 52 due that Clark has suffered several changes recently which is addressed appropriately.

The sense of continuity is pretty strong due that Orlando retells the events of Superman Reborn while also showing the dynamic between the characters and is all really entertaining. The Superman family feels like an actual family now and is particularly fun to see Kara interact with Jon.

Plus, the storyline that started in the last Batgirl Annual is continuing here as well.

Matias Bergara handles the artwork and while his style is not particularly beautiful, he really knows how to create expressive characters with a great range of emotions.

Nice read, hope things stay this way.

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