miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Superman #21

Superman will have to find out what happened to Batman.

Clark, Jon and Damian are worried about Bruce after he didn't return from his investigation but what they will find might be more surprising than they expected.

This story is becoming more interesting.

Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason continue this new arc by delivering the usual solid characterization that you expect. The initial moments in the Superfamily are really enjoyable particularly now that Damian is involved and once again, one has to admire the writers' abilities to portray kids since the relationship between Jon and Damian is really well done.

The plot also progresses satisfactorily due that several mysteries are appearing now, some that are connected to characters we thought we knew but quickly show more strange and dangerous aspects.

Gleason's artwork is magnificent. Great and beautiful style that elevates the story even more thanks to his creativity.

Quite enjoyable. Excited for the next one.

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