miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #955

Who will save Gotham City?

Cassandra Cain has been fighting all her life for her own fate and now she will have to do the same for the sake of her friends.

This was an overall improvement but not without flaws.

For one, I believe the story that James Tynion IV is creating in this chapter has a better sense of pacing that doesn't make it as boring as previous chapters and actually escaletes much more effectively. Not to mention that there's better character work since Cassandra is finally receiving the development that most people were waiting for, it can be predictable and derivative but at least is getting there and whatever makes her drop that awful Orphan name is a plus.

That being said, I still find ridiculous the fact that she was found by a girl who told her a conveniently related tale that was strangely connected to her own situation. Is just too much for my suspension of disbelief.

Marcio Takara handles the artwork and is even better than the last issue with more impressive visuals and a strong style.

Not bad but I can't wait to see this story over already.

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