miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Moon Knight #13

Moon Knight's battle against Khonshu's influence continues.

Marc can't help but remember the events that lead to his first encounter with the deity but can his fragile mind endure this new encounter?

Simply loving this.

Jeff Lemire brings a new chapter where he continues to redefine Moon Knight by exploring his past and reinventing it for a modern audience. All the classic key players from Marc's life are in place and all of them receive an interesting characterization during the flashback segments which are nicely connected to the present.

Speaking of which, the writer examines the nature of Marc's mental condition to reveal questions that him and most people that suffer similar issues ask to themselves but fortunately and as usual, Marc doesn't let those troubles stop him.

Greg Smallwood continues in pencils and his work is still stunning by being able to depict both the normal and supernatural settings perfectly.

Great stuff, excited for the conclusion.

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