miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #21

Wonder Woman will have to fight against her loved ones to save others.

The Cheetah has succumbed to her curse and now Diana will be forced to battle her without knowing that there are other lives at risk.

Oh boy, I wasn't particularly engaged by this one.

Greg Rucka delivers a new chapter but it mostly serves as a transition one. The character work is decent aside from Cheetah's who I still heavily dislike due to how weak in terms of presence and personality Rucka made her. The rest of the cast is better depicted but not by far.

The worst part of this though is how little actually happened here. Again, is a transition issue which means that is mostly a set-up for more important plot-points that are about to come but even considering that I still felt ripped off by the overall lack of content here, even the things that happened were not that interesting.

Liam Sharp returns to pencils and his work is becoming weaker and weaker due to some off character models and akward storytelling.

At this point I'm not expecting anything grand, just waiting for this to end.

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