miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #17

Deathstroke's own nature is going against him.

Power Girl has just learned that Slade is actually a mercenary and is decided to stop him but she doesn't know what he is able to do.

This story took a pretty abrupt twist.

Or more like several twists as a whole. Christopher Priest offers a new installment where he focuses on the conflict between Tanya and Slade. The moment where she realizes that she has been helping a villain makes a lot of sense and show how she can actually be pretty naive despite of her intelligence. However, the story quickly becomes pretty dark once that Slade shows how he will do anything to get things the way he wants.

And there's also the usual progress for the rest of the characters and sub-plots like the realization of Rose about how Slade has lied to her and Joey finally confronting his girlfriend about his past.

Joe Bennett handles the artwork and is quite solid with really expressive characters and strong action scenes.

Quite satisfying and makes me excited for the next one.

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