miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Titans #10

The Titans are about to lose more than they expected.

The Fearsome Five's plans have come into fruition and now the team is in their hands. Is up to Bumblebee to stop them but she will have to pay a great price for it.

This story concludes and in a decent way I think.

Dan Abnett offers an installment where he continues to explore the team's history in several forms. The Fearsome Five is one of the most clear elements about the kind of classic direction Abnett is taking and they're portrayed solidly for the most part while depicting them in an imposing manner which bring some interesting twists during the course of the story.

That's not the only classic aspect of the book though since the writer is also playing with other mythos like the upcoming story Lazarus Contract which brings back one of the team's most famous villains obviously and the set-up for it is well-implemented.

Brett Booth remains in art duties and his work is pretty solid with a quite kinetic feel during the action scenes.

Not a bad ending, hope the next story is better though.

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