miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about The Unstoppable Wasp #4

Things are not happening the way Wasp expected.

Nadia is trying to reason with the villains she just met but it could be harder than she anticipated, especially once that one of her old friends comes for her.

Another issue, another enjoyable story.

Jeremy Whitley offers a new chapter where he continues his development of Nadia by showing muliple sides of her personality. The fact that she's willing to extend a hand to others, even criminals instead of beating them up is pretty unique and makes her a quite likable and interesting character to read about. That doesn't mean that she can't put a fight though since the story also takes different twists where she's forced to use her skills and shows that she's really competent at it without losing the kind of innocense that has been prevalent since her first appearance. Is really good and understandable character work.

There are also several plot-points going on including her adjusting to this kind of life while dealing with other characters from the Marvel universe and a threat that is slowly becoming more and more dangerous.

Elsa Charretier remains on pencils and her work is still beautiful by being able to convey lots of different expressions and details with a quite distinctive cartoony style.

Pretty entertaining, excited for the next one.

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