miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #954

Batman is about to learn the truth.

Ra's Al Ghul has many secrets that he has kept from Batman and is ready to reveal them for a price.

Still not liking at all where this is going.

James Tynion IV continues the most underwhelming storyline from this book yet by actually RETCONNING some early events to justify its importance. It turns out that the League of Shadows was always a relevant important of the history of the League of Assassins is just that Ra's Al Ghul altered Batman's memory to forget about them for poorly explained reasons.

This is terrible since this is not only a mediocre storyline as it is, now Tynion decided he needed to add an extra background to these recently created mythos despite of how unremarkable they are just so they can appear more imposing. It simply feels artificial and not earned at all.

Marcio Takara does a solid job in art duties at least thanks to his dark and distinctive style.

Not interested in the ending anymore but I'm going to check it out just to see how this disaster is handled.

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  1. I would agree with your assessment, I was underwhelmed with this part of the story line and felt it was filler or could have been cut down to 2-3 page add-on to another issue.

    1. Yeah, is a shame how this title turned out after its promising first arc.