miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Batman #21

Whatever happened to The Reverse-Flash?

Batman has been investigating The Button he found and suddenly he starts having visions of other people, one that is willing to kill him.

The Button crossover officially begins here. This story has been anticipated for a while since it has been one of the bigger plot-points since the Rebirth initiative and explores classic aspects like the connection of Watchmen and Doctor Manhattan to the DCU. How does it fare?

So far is decent I guess.

Tom King handles the opening chapter and sets-up the new mystery about the secrets that contain The Button and how is connected to even The Flashpoint event which means that is also connected to the birth of the New 52. The writing gets the job done and it has the typical King style that at times tries too hard but is still not bad per se.

The thing is that not a lot happened during this issue, is pure set-up and not a particularly interesting one at it. Plus, a character returns just to disappear once again so there's not much point of his presence. There are some interesting moments but they're still just a few.

Jason Fabok's artwork is spectacular though. Beautiful, detailed characters and environments with a great style.

Not bad, just not great. Let's see how the next one fares.

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