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Some thoughts about Green Arrow #21

Seattle is in danger.

Green Arrow has been trying to save the city for a while but all of his efforts are for nothing since Seattle is about to be replaced by a Star City.

Same as usual I guess.

Ben Percy begins his storyline The Rise of Star City by exploring Oliver's background, particularly the relationship with his father and setting the key players for the story. To be fair, the segment focusing on Ollie is not bad for a change since it explores a bit of the complex nature of the relationship his father and him had almost just like Jeff Lemire did during his run (Sure it gets some details wrong but this being Percy we're talking about, is surprising he got things as close as right here).

I have problems with how the villains are portrayed though. Constantine Drakon cosplaying as Eddie Fyers makes a new appearance and is as wrong as usual but there's also an appearance of Brick here. Mind you, for once Percy doesn't make a worse job than Lemire at portraying Brick but that's because Lemire's version was also pretty off and didn't depict him as the criminal mastermind he was when he was introduced. Percy's version is still bad though.

Oh and I'm tired as hell of that evil white businessman who for some reason Ollie can't stop. I just want him to die already.

The pacing becomes more and more problematic once that you realize the characters barely had any time to rest and makes you wonder how they haven't died from exhaustion. This is also a problem because you realize the book jumps from story to story so fast that doesn't let you appreciate the few good things that happened.

Juan Ferreyra handles the artwork and once again, his style is not one of my favorites but he still knows how to tell a story.

Other than that, perfectly skippable issue

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