miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Superwoman #9

Superwoman will need to find a new path.

Lana has just discovered that her powers are gone but that doesn't mean that will stop her from helping others.

New storyarc and creative team begins here and so far is not a bad start.

Kate Perkins begins the story exactly when Phil Jimenez left it with Lana recovering from her injuries. The characterization is solid since the writer follows basically the same path Jimenez took with Lana by making her a quite competent woman who tries to do her best despite of the circunstances. Atlhough I'm personally going to miss the visions and conversations he had with Lois.

The rest of the cast is also portrayed in a interesting way, particularly Maggie Sawyer and Atomic Skull who are included into the story and have an entertaining dynamic. There's not much in terms of story but it gets the job done at creating a new status quo.

Stephen Segovia handles the artwork and is beautiful with really detailed and expressive character models and a vibrant style.

Decent read, hope the book improves from now on.

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