miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #17

The final battle against Doc.X is about to start.

Kamala has discovered that if she wants to defeat the virus she will need to make the internet a nice place which is obviously harder than it sounds.

Some entertaining moments but not a perfect issue.

As far as character work goes, I think G. Willow Wilson handled it pretty well. My favorite scene being just at the beginning when Kamala and the rest of her friends confort one of them, it was really touching considering what happened earlier. The idea of defeating a internet virus by making the whole community nicer is pretty on the nose but it still gets the job done and provides some moments.

The thing is that I believe the story itself didn't have a particularly strong execution. The premise is sound enough but Doc.X ended-up being defeated in a pretty quick and kinda unsatisfying way that doesn't deliver a proper conclusion which considering how long this arc was, is disappointing.

Takeshi Miyasawa's artwork is once again perfect for the book thanks to his ability to draw young characters and solid expressions.

Enjoyable for the most part aside from a few flaws, hope the next arc is better though.

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