miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Blue Beetle #8

Can Jaime still be a hero without his powers?

The scarab has suddenly left Jaime and he doesn't know what to do. However, once that his mother is in danger he will have to find a way to save her scarab or not.

Well, this one worked a little better.

Keith Giffen delivers a new chapter this time accompanied by usual partner in crime J.M. DeMatteis and the result is a pretty solid installment for the most part. The writers offer different segments where they explore the events surrounding the characters including Jaime and his family as well as Doctor Fate and the battle against Mordecai (which is still a pretty silly name for a villain, purposely probably) and they all progress at a nice pace unlike the last issue.

The best part is how Giffen continues to integrate some of his creations during this series, this time in the form of the first character her worked on the New 52, O.M.A.C. Although it seems like the last person who hold the name is still missing, it was cool to see the character back. Plus, Jaime using Ted's classic costume was a nice touch.

Scott Kolins handles the artwork and is getting better with more polished character models and intereting visuals.

Solid overall, hope it continues this way.

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