miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Old Man Logan #22

Wolverine's lives are just appearing in front of him.

Logan has been forced to relive every important event in his history, the problem is that is not happening the way he wanted.

Well, this is getting more interesting.

Jeff Lemire brings a new installment where he continues the exploration of Wolverine's past but this time with a twist. The characterization remains solid due that the writer explores really important aspects and moments of the protagonist that define him during the course of his history while also delivering some new ones.

The best part is how the concept of time travel is depicted here since the story can get meta once that Logan finds out how this particular journey is working which creates an interesting dilemma for him. The different and memorable settings are a nice fanservice.

Eric Nguyen handles the artwork and is decent with an unique style that might look unpolished at times but it still tells the story nicely.

Enjoyable overall, my only complaint is that I wish there was more.

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