miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #4

Can the Justice League save an entire nation?

Lord Havok has gained control over Kravia and the battle for its fate has just began. However, his enemies might be stronger than he anticipated.

Okaaaaay, this is not really working as well as I expected.

After the one-shots Steve Orlando created, I thought he would deliver an interesting story featuring all of these characters but unfortunately, this title so far has never been other than "Okay". This issue is a perfect example of that, is just a big fight and while there are some interesting moments here and there, they don't really elevate the chapter beyond being simply passable.

There are some decent character moments, particularly from Vixen and her skills but the whole theme of the Extremists coming to the main DCU to gain control over a country is told in a mostly simplistic way that doesn't have a lot of complexity in its resolution. I feel this could have worked much, MUCH better.

Ivan Reis returns to art duties and his work is pretty rushed at times here with characters lacking detail but it still has its usual beautiful tone.

Not bad, not great, just average overall and is a shame.

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