miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Batgirl #10

Batgirl will soon realize that her love life is more dangerous she imagined.

After a quick visit to The Penguin, Barbara has just learned who is the culprit of the recent crimes and she will have to stop him before is too late.

Boy, this was sooooo predictable!

Hope Larson brings a new chapter where she continues the investigation about the recent crimes while also developing the normal life issues of the cast and is all so derivative! Let's start with the less terrible aspect from this issue and I say "less terrible" really relatively since is about the segments focusing on the cast which is pretty much common drama that delivers some social commentary so redundant these days that is basically what I expect every day from Twitter.

The worst part is actually when we discover who the villain is and honest question, who wasn't expecting THAT guy to be the villain? One would have thought that Larson was going to give an interesting twist to such an overused cliche but nope! It all goes in the most unsurprising way with the guy even adopting a supervillain costume at the end and I'm rolling my eyes the whole time.

The only part that can be considered unique is the early scenes with Batgirl and The Penguin playing ping pong really.

Chris Wildgoose's artwork on the other hand is beautiful with a semi-cartoony style that makes every character appealing.

Other than that, I'm not expecting much from this book anymore. Pass.

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