miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about The Flash #21

Who killed The Reverse-Flash?

Barry is trying to investigate what happened to Thawne and the only person who can help him is Batman but that might took them to pretty unexpected places.

Now THIS is what I was hoping for in this crossover.

Joshua Williamson delivers a new chapter by following exactly where Tom King left in Batman and pretty much delivering the kind of multiversal story I was expecting. There's the logical connection between Bruce and Barry being explored which is pretty faithful to the vision that Geoff Johns had about them (and makes it even more obvious that this story is based on Johns' notes) not to mention that it brings interesting character work for both of them based on their experience.

Plus, this story finally reveals some of the missing past that the DCU has experienced since the beginning of the New 52 including the vision of several classic moments in their history that were forgotten.

Howard Porter handles the artwork and is quite solid with an energetic feel that allows for strong scenes with a lot of detail.

Great chapter, not sure about the next one considering where is taking place though.

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