miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about All-Star Batman #9

Will Ra's Al Ghul save the world?

Bruce has just found out that Ra's has discovered a new way to accomplish his mission and he can't let this story ends the way the demon wants.

One has to appreciate how experimental Scott Snyder is getting here.

The writer once again focuses on an encounter between Batman and one of his classic villains, this time is Ra's Al Ghul's turn and fortunately Snyder does a solid job with the portrayal. The story begins with an interesting set-up, a theme that becomes one of the strongest pieces from this particular chapter, one that keeps progressing satisfactorily to demonstrate the relationship between the two characters and also shows a pretty appropriate ending for it.

The characterization is pretty solid from both sides with Snyder referencing classic aspects of both of them while also adding some of the events that happened in previous issues from this book that also have their own purpose.

Jock handles the artwork and is quite adequate for the story thanks to his grim and gritty style that manages to depict the plot perfectly.

The second segment focuses on Duke once again and how he has to confront his own villains to move on, this is also apparently connected to the upcoming Dark Days event which will hopefully be interesting. Francesco Francavilla's artwork is beautiful and quite fitting thanks to his clean yet dark style.

Solid overall, hope the next one follows this route.

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