miércoles, 12 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Old Man Logan #21

Wolverine is about to relive his past.

Logan has been transported to his previous lives and will have to deal with some of the relevant event he has experienced which could mean his end.

This story is actually becoming more and more interesting.

Now I understand what Jeff Lemire is trying to do with this particular arc, revisiting some of the better known eras of Wolverine and maybe explore some new territory on them. This particular chapter focuses on the Weapon X time and is really on-point based on Logan's time in the war and later as part of the experiment that gave him his classic Adamantium bones. The best part is that there are even more interesting times coming.

There's also a segment on the present where we actually see what happened to his old body and it presents an interesting problem for him so far.

Eric Nguyen handles the artwork and is quite solid with a kinda rough style but his storytelling is quite precise and compelling.

Intriguing so far and really excited for the next fight.

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