miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #7

The Teen Titans are about to welcome yet another member.

Jackson has always felt different because of his abilities but now he will realize that those aspects will make him feel right at home with the team.

Not much happened here but it was decent at least.

Ben Percy brings a new chapter where he continues the exploration of Aqualad and how his skills are still being developed. The characterization continues to be solid with Jackson acting in a likable manner and the rest of the team receive nice moments to show their personalities and interactions including one that would develop a romance between some of them.

That being said, I felt like this issue was kinda lacking in terms of content since it was mostly character-centric and King Shark is not as strong of an antagonist to be invested into.

Khoi Pham remains in art duties with Phil Hester handling some of the breakdowns and the result is a not so satisfying work still. The characters nor the style are that beautiful.

Not bad but not great, hope the next one is better.

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