miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #3

The world continues to change and the people are not ready for it.

Angie Spica has just found out that a couple of organizations are coming for them and they might not have the best intentions.

The reinvention of the world continues and is still following the same path pretty much.

Warren Ellis continues his story with exactly the same style by focusing on a few key players. Some aspects like the characterization which is pretty on-point and solid are appreciated, just like the references to the main DCU that appear as brands in the Wildstorm universe which is fun and adequate.

That being said, the plot still moves at a snail pace and we're not exactly closer to solve most of the mysteries as in the first issue. The main story doesn't progress a lot despite that some characters are finally meeting each other and makes me wish this book had more pages.

There's a certain cinematic style that is common in Ellis' work but is not enough to sustain the lack of content.

John Davis-Hunt remains in art duties and his work is still solid with expressive and detailed character models and strong storytelling.

I will continue checking this book since I care about the universe but things need to get somewhere.

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