miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #5

The Justice League is about to face yet another world-ending menace.

Several people are starting to doubt Lobo's place in the team but there's no time for that once that a mysterious organization starts preparing for war.

*sigh* This is still not working sadly.

Steve Orlando offers a new chapter where he plays with the ramifications of the last one with the JLA being revealed to the world. I find the concept of the superteam having a press conference incredibly silly these days and this doesn't make me think otherwise which can get me out of the story a bit. The characterization is decent but nothing I would call groundbreaking. Orlando gets a few characters right and that's it.

Yeah, "that's it". There's nothing much to see aside from that. The antagonists are pretty uninteresting so far and they don't make me invested in the overall plot which can be a huge problem for this book.

Andy McDonald is in charge of art duties and is okay at best, some of the characters and overall style lack polish and I would call it exactly pretty.

Nothing to see here sadly, not expecting much at this point.

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